Enduser Documentation

This application eases the process of reimbursing your expenses for travel and alike with the TYPO3 Association.

In this manual we will cover all steps necessary to do so and we split it into three different parts.

Create an account

Creating an account is easy.

Simply enter your desired username (an email works great here) and your email, set your password - that's it.

After you have confirmed your email you can then log in to edit your profile.

Your profile

After logging in you need to fill in your profile.

This is important because otherwise the Backoffice does not know where to send the money, so you see, it's in your own interest to have a proper profile.

In case you chose PayPal as your preferred payment method, be aware that PayPal will charge a fee when the TYPO3 Association sends you money as well as when you want to transfer money from your PayPal account to your "real" bank account.

These fees are not covered by the TYPO3 Association.

Managing reimbursements

When you are ready to hand in your first reimbursement, click the "My Reimbursements" menu item.

Here you can filter your current reimbursements by status or add a new reimbursement.

Creating your first reimbursement

In order to add a new reimbursement, simply click the "Add" button to get started.

Enter the reason for the reimbursement in the description field. This will most likely be a sprint you attended.

Then pick the date when the event took place. This helps the Backoffice and the budget owner a lot since some budgets have a hefty amount of events going on.

In the list next to it pick the budget you wish to reimburse against. If you are not sure which one to pick ask the person that organized the sprint, although most of the time the budget name is pretty obvious.

Most budgets have dedicated purposes or sub-budgets which you need to select. So the CMS Team for example has a dedicated purpose per sprint, so if you attended the sprint that took place in May, you need to select the purpose for that sprint.

Keep in mind that you can only reimburse until the 20th of the month following the date the event took place. So if a sprint was on May 29th, you need to hand in your reimbursement until June, 20th latest!

After that you can add the single positions of your reimbursements. This will most likely be things like "Taxi to airport", "train tickets", "Flight tickets" etc.

Use the "Description" select box to pick the proper type of position.

Keep your receipts, because we are not able to reimburse without proper receipts!

If you travelled by car, start by typing "car" into the title field to fire up our kilometre wizard which will help you with the calculation.

Make sure to supply all numbers in US-format, otherwise your decimal places might be cut off.

Add new positions as you see fit.

After you're done with this, simply click the "Save" button so your reimbursement gets saved. You can return and edit your reimbursement at any time unless you have sent it to the budget owner for approval.

Sending a reimbursement to a budget owner

In order to send your reimbursement to the budget owner, return to your list of reimbursements and click "Send to budget owner".